Living Memories Video

The video Tribute at the left is of my Father, Howard Nicholas "Nick" Barb. At his untimely death on May 7, 1981, our family began supporting each other at our home and selected our pictures and decided on the picture you see as the one that we as a family all liked to start the Tribute. Then we decided on a picture of my grandfather, Rodney Allan "Doc" Barb and my grandmother, Nell Ours Barb. What we were doing was starting at the beginning of my Dad's life and building up to the end of his life. We discovered as we were doing this time of sharing in pictures, laughing and crying and remembering the good times and bad. It brought us closer as a family and little did we know, prepared us for the next days of honoring our Husband, Father and Grandfather.
We could have used many different and more pictures for the Tribute, but the ones you will see are those that reflect his childhood and his short life of 53 years "May 5, 1928-May 7, 1981".
We chose for the background of the Tribute, "Outdoors". He was a hunterman, fisherman, and gun collector and enjoyed hunting camps with his lifelong friends.
The music that you will hear is not necessarily what he would have chosen, but it's what we thought and liked for the Tribute.
The pictures we chose for the Tribute, we felt after many discussions, arguments, laughter and tears, reflected what we want our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on, to learn what kind of man he was. And having this video for family and next generations to cherish will also let them know a little bit about their family history and who they are about.
After the visitation, funeral and burial ceremony and weeks to come and years to pass we realize that this Tribute let his family and friends share in the Celebration of a Life that we all loved very much.

Jeffrey A. Barb